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Webinars to Improve:

  • Business Writing 

  • Workplace Relationships

  • Mindset

  • Time Management 

  • Project Management (non-project managers)

  • Mood Management

Writing Coaching

Freelancing at Home

Professional Development

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Writing and Editing 

Featured Books
Time Management: A Workbook for Time-Challenged Entrepreneurs

  • Do you end your workday feeling exhausted without having accomplished anything important?

  • Are you tired of putting out fires instead of having time to work on what’s important?

  • Is your business taking over your life and leaving little to no time for anything or anyone else?

The techniques in this workbook can help you use your time more productively, efficiently, and effectively, so you have more time to do the things you love apart from your business. You can be a successful entrepreneur and enjoy the fruits of your hard work with family and friends.

More information on what you get in the book.

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How to Build Stronger Professional Relationships

Whether you are a career professional or an entrepreneur, you must work with people to achieve your goals. Many factors work together to help you build, maintain, and deepen professional relationships for long-term career growth and entrepreneurial success.

This book will cover what goes into forming and cultivating professional relationships, strengthening your relationships skills, identifying and avoiding pitfalls that can trip you up, and bouncing back after a misstep.

You can work through the book from beginning to end or jump in wherever you need help now. I recommend that you complete the exercises in the book to get the maximum value from the activities.

Patricia Haddock has been a successful entrepreneur, author, and consultant for more than 25 years. She helps entrepreneurs and career professionals overcome obstacles to achieving long-term success. Patricia uses multi-disciplinary resources to give her clients and readers state-of-the-art strategies, best practices, and tools.

More information on what you get in the book.

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