12 Strategies that Turn Your Blog

into a Marketing Machine

Hate to blog?
No time to blog?
Never know what
to blog about?
Not getting results from blogging?
Just plain tired of the work it takes?
Turn your blog into a marketing machine.
Make the effort you put into blogging worthwhile.
The customizable strategies in this Out-of-the-BoxTM Guide will show you how! 

When you start to use the 12 strategies in this Guide, you will see results. Even if you only choose one or two of the strategies to implement, your blog will deliver more than ever before.

Engage Potential Clients


Engage potential clients, so they want to know more about you and your business. Engagement means that people like what you post and return often to read more.


Post topics that people care about, answer their questions, and give them solutions.


The more valuable your information, the more you engage readers, and the more they want to work with you.



Until 2-15-16, your investment $10
After 2-15-16, your investment $17
GET 12 Strategies that Turn Your Blog into a Marketing Machine
Your investment is $19

Spread the word about your business and it's unique value.


When you provide valuable information, people want to share that information. They will forward your post to their clients using social media. Make it easy by asking them to share your posts and by having social media icons. All they have to do is click on the icon to spread the word.

Show people how you get results for your clients.


Your posts are not ads; you cannot just talk about what you do, but you can explain how you work with clients to achieve the outcomes they want and need. Share success stories (with the client’s permission) or describe how you would handle a hypothetical situation. Give potential clients a taste of what it would be like to work with you.


Grow your income. 


Plan your posting topics so that you can gather them up and create an entire line of information products and programs to sell to your existing clients and potential clients.  

GET 12 Strategies that Turn Your Blog into a Marketing Machine
Your investment is $19


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