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to help you succeed as a

You’re stuck.

You see others forging head. Landing lucrative contracts. Booking lots of clients. Getting recognition. Their business is booming.

Things are okay for you, but just okay isn’t okay. You want to move your business forward, faster.

You want to create more:


  • Profits

  • Recognition

  • Clients and customers

  • Free time

  • Business growth

  • Satisfaction

  • And more


You want to level up but don’t know how.


You’ve read books, listened to audios, watched videos, taken classes and workshops, and hired coaches. You’ve come a long way, but you need help going farther.


Welcome to The Successful Professional where you can discover how get more of what you want.


My mission is helping you increase profits, grow your business, and overcome challenges and obstacles to long-term growth and success whether you are a career professional or an entrepreneur.


My name is Patricia Haddock, and I understand what it takes to build a successful career and a successful business. After climbing the corporate ladder in the insurance and financial industries, I started my own communications and training practice more than 20 years ago.


I know what it takes to become an unstoppable professional. Now I’m sharing with you my expertise, knowledge, resources, and state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary research to help you succeed as a professional.


Being an unstoppable professional means that you won’t let circumstances, limitations, resources, or other people deter you from realizing your goals and dreams. You meet and overcome challenges, view setbacks and mistakes as tools for improvement, and keep going when the going gets tough. You believe in yourself and your abilities.

My programs and services help you:


Develop as a professional 

Stand apart from your competition

Increase your profits and income

Raise your visibility


Before starting my business, I was a communications officer for a major international financial institution and as an independent contractor for more than 20 years, I understand what you need to succeed. 


Contact me for a free 20-minute call to find out how I can help you succeed as a professional. 


Kathleen Sexton
Founder & CEO at Kairos Learning

Pat teaches a variety of topics and customizes the delivery depending on the client's needs. She creates customized participant guides that aid in learning as well as serving as a resource later. Her topics include customer service, time management, developing professional skills, project management to name a few. She's worked with us for years because she continues to get great participant reviews as well as being easy to work with on design, delivery, contracting, etc.

Caterina Rando

Speaker, Business Growth Strategist, Publisher


Patricia and I have worked together many times over the past 15 years. Every time she has produced great results on time and at the price pre-determined. I give the highest recommendation to Patricia Haddock.

Kimberly Reyes

Lifestyle by Design


"Patricia was able to do a complete analysis of my business and recommend systems to streamline my processes, adding clarity which allowed me to increase my profit margin. She was able to identify and expand my revenue streams by giving me easy to follow instructions on how to create and implement new products and services. She broke down very complex, detailed concepts so that I was not only able to implement them, I was able to make them work successfully. I would not have been able to do that without Patricia's knowledge and expertise.


I have never worked with anyone as well rounded and versed as Patricia. She has my complete trust and confidence in her skill and ability. She is an entrepreneur's dream. I highly recommend Patricia. You will be so grateful that you did.”

Michael Dowling

Public Relations & Public Affairs Consultant

Pat was brought in at the last minute to organize a very difficult project, write and edit new and previous work. She did a terrific job. I tried to hire her as a full time writer/project manager, but she preferred the consultant role. She works and plays well with others. I can't recommend her enough.

Janet Birgenheier
Principal, JB Change Consulting

Pat is an excellent consultant. She offers the most appropriate advice to help clients meet their objectives, even if this advice results in clients taking a slightly different direction. She is also a strong communicator with a deep understanding of the connection between objectives and messages.



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