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Personalized Expert Consulting with

Patricia Haddock

Talk to an expert with more than 20 years of business experience and tap  into real-world advice to help you:


  • Attract more clients or customers or your website

  • Increase  your income by creating information products

  • Get more visibility from your blog

  • Create products for short- and long-term income

  • Showcase your expertise

  • Discover your next steps


Consultation time with Patricia Haddock via phone can help you move your business forward, brainstorm solutions, and get answers to your questions




One hour consultation: $149





I am so impressed with Patricia - her experience, knowledge, and willingness to communicate. Patricia graciously shares her time and expertise with me to help me succeed in my own professional endeavors, and the insights that she gives are invaluable. She is a great listener and is right there to contribute something of value when the time is right. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity.


Melissa Robinson

Blogger and Content Marketer at CycleIO

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