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Is Your Content Delivering Business?

Everything you publish online--your website content, blog posts, emails, and so on--everything represents your business and your brand.


Many people focus on carrying the look of the brand throughout, and that's important, but there's more to branding than the look.

Brand messaging refers to each piece of content and each piece of writing that your clients see. All content must be weighed for its relevance to your brand. Does it carry your message in a way that totally represents you, or is it sending another message.? 

Your business is a whole package, and every element must contribute to the whole. This creates brand cohesion--there is consistency in look AND messaging. This takes time, effort, and a strategic plan to accomplish and maintain. 

Successful Online Content Means Business


When all your online content works together and presents a solid brand, you can more easily:

  • Focus your brand messaging to attract a variety of clients and customers

  • Build a foundation for long-term profits with credible, consistent, branded messages across multi-channels

  • Position yourself as a global player on the world state

  • Target and attract potential clients who are seeking solutions to specific challenges

  • Communicate your unique selling point and the value of your programs

  • Leverage your content into information products, such as ebooks, special reports, and so on. Check out my Information Product Wheel for some ideas!

For more than 25 years, I have worked with clients to create content, products, and services that help them succeed in business by showcasing their knowledge and expertise, attracting profitable clients and customers, and growing their businesses. ​

Our work together is confidential, and your content is protected by implied copyright. It is exclusively yours to use.

Content Drives Your Brand
When you decide to work with me, I will review the content on your website, blog, and social media sites to assess how it works together to reflect your brand, enhance your professional image, attracts potential clients, and markets your services and products. 
The program includes:
  • A one-hour consultation to discuss your business goals, brand messaging, and social media presence
  • Editorial assessment of your existing content, including website, blog posts, and social media presence

  • Written recommendations for improving your existing content to:

    • Strategically position your brand, showcase your expertise, and engage potential clients

    • Ensure cohesion across all channels

    • Share relevant, valuable content to keep people returning

    • Market your unique services, products, and programs

    • Encourage visitors to stay longer and learn more about you

    • Build a loyal list of followers

    • Showcase your knowledge, expertise, and brand message

    • Leverage what you already have into new sources of passive income, such as special reports, ebooks, and other opt-in products

  • A follow-up, one-hour consultation to review the recommendations and answer questions

​   Pre-paid Nonrefundable Investment: $779

   Value: $1043


​Karen Solomon


I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Pat on several of my writing projects. Among her many attributes are the following:

  • Excellent communication and follow through

  • Great team player--not attached to any one way of getting things done

  • Encourages me to get my part done in a timely manner

  • Fun to work with

I'd recommend Pat to assist with any and all writing projects!

Caterina Rando

Speaker, Business Growth Strategist, Publisher


Patricia and I have worked together many times over the past 15 years. Every time she has produced great results on time and at the price pre-determined. I give the highest recommendation to Patricia Haddock.

Contact me for a free 20-minute consultation to discover how my writing and editing services can help you be more successful! 


Just e-mail today! 

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