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Compelling content creation for your business

As your ghostwriter, I can create professional, compelling content that can help you:


  • Raise visibility for you and your business

  • Increase brand recognition

  • Give you more time to serve your clients and customers

  • Maintain a steady flow of messages 

  • Reduce the amount of time you now spend writing your own materials

  • Develop your ideas and create concise messaging

What is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter creates content for your exclusive use. This can include blog posts, speeches, articles, newsletters, website copy, tip sheets, marketing materials, webinar content, PowerPoint presentations, and anything else that requires writing. 

Unlike a writer or editor that you hire, the ghostwriter will never acknowledge that you are a client and will not take credit for the work they do for you. They remain anonymous.


How to work with a ghostwriter

As part of the ghostwriting relationship, clients provide research material and information related to their business. The ghostwriter either has the freedom to come up with content ideas and topics or writes under the direction of the client.

The ghostwriter is not responsible for posting content or marketing it on social media. A ghostwriter's responsibility ends when the final draft is accepted by the client. 

What does it cost to hire you as a ghostwriter?

Fees range from $85 - $125 per hour.


A fee will be quoted in the proposal. I also offer retainer rates for clients who work with me long-term on single or multiple writing projects. 

Generally, ghostwriting fees are higher than those charged by professional writers and editors since ghostwriters may not use their work for you as proof of experience nor may they acknowledge, in any way, that they provide any content that is attributed to you. 

Online Meeting

What's the process for working with you as a ghostwriter?

Generally, there is a consultation to discuss your goals and objectives, go over existing content, review your resources information, and establish the relationship. Some clients are hands-on; others want only cursory involvement. 

I will present you with a proposal, which we review and finalize. Then, a contract is established, and a plan of action is developed.  

Once I start working with you, I will provide you with a draft of each piece of content for you to review. Two rounds of review and revision are included in my quoted fee. When you sign off on the final draft, it is presented to you for your exclusive use. 

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