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Interview Patricia Haddock 


Whether your audience is corporate executives or entrepreneurs, Patricia Haddock shares her expertise information to help them achieve bottom-line results. From inbound content creation to product development to workplace relationships, she is the go-to expert.


Former assistant vice president and senior communications officer for a major financial institution, published author, and successful entrepreneur for more than 20 years, Patricia delivers solid, real-world solutions for both organizations and entrepreneurs. She is available to be interviewed on these topics:


  • Maximize Social Media Networking 


  • Turn Your Blog into a Marketing Machine


  • Create a Passive Income Gold Mine


  • Sell to Multi-Generation Customers


  • Manage Your E-mail Inbox


  • Watch Your Tone!


  • Avoid Seven Deadly Website Sins


Contact Patricia at or call her at 415-710-2734 for more information on these topics. 


Sample Interview:

Get Clients to Say Yes! 

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