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This is a safe place to ask questions about writing and get straightforward answers from an experienced professional writer. Together, we can take your writing business to the next level whether you are a full-time pro, aspire to become a full-time pro, or are just starting out. 

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Why Me?

My freelance writing business started more than 25 years ago when I decided that I didn't want to work for someone else for my entire life, and I set out to become published. I have never regretted this decision and have earned my living as a writer, editor, consultant, and writing teacher/mentor in good and bad economies.

Quality and quantity pay the bills.

The writing business has changed drastically since I started, but the basics are the same no matter the topic, media, or audience: Quality and quantity pay the bills.

As one of my Patrons, you'll discover how to sharpen your professional writing skills, overcome obstacles, diversify with a variety of income streams, and develop a robust writing business or lucrative side hustle.

I’m eager to share with you practical, actionable advice and information to help you grow, prosper, and achieve unstoppable success as a professional freelance writer.

You can check out my work at, which serves as my blog.

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