How Profit Packages Work 

Each Profit Package is made up of modules that give you great flexibility in how you market and sell your services. This unique, modular approach lets you develop new offerings with less effort than creating them from scratch. Since you can repurpose the modules in multiple ways, you can build a variety of programs with minimal effort.

Profit Package modules let you:

  • Present your expertise and knowledge in individual packets of services that leave your clients wanting more

  • Mix and match modules to create new programs that meet different clients' needs without having to create anything new

  • Interlink modules to create a variety of cross-sell and upsell options.

The modules are like a set of Legos(R). You can use one set of Legos to make a variety of different structures by how you configure them. Your Profit Package modules give you the same type of flexibility since you can easily create a variety of programs by merely reconfiguring them.

Have You Ever Used Legos®?


Profit Package modules are like a set of Legos(R). You can use one set of Legos to make a variety of different structures by how you configure them. Your Profit Package modules give you the same type of flexibility since you can easily create a variety of programs by merely reconfiguring them.​

Here's how to use the modules to create multiple coaching or consulting programs:

  • A single module can be used as a standalone program or a kickstart program to entice clients who are reluctant to invest in a fuller program

  • Two or more modules can be combined for a larger program

  • A Master Program can be created by using all modules in the Profit Package

  • Additional modules can be used for upselling and cross-selling

Example: Profit Package 1 has five modules. Profit Package 2 uses three of the modules from Package 1 plus a new module E from a different Profit Package. Profit Package 3 uses just three modules from Profit Package 1. With just six modules, you can develop three entirely new Profit Packages with minimal additional effort.

Examples of Profit Packages

Profit Package for a Relationship Coach

Audience: Divorced, mid-life, career women

  1. Looking for Love Module: Who Are You and What Do You Want in a Relationship?

  2. Wingman Module: Navigate the Dating Scene with Confidence

  3. You’ve Met Someone! Module: Where Do You from Here?

  4. Love, Sex, and the Single Parent Module: Handling Your Ex, the Kids, and Your New Romance

  5. Ready for Commitment Module: Moving in Together! Now What?

Profit Package for a Parenting Coach

Audience: Single parents with pre-teens

  1. Parents, Pre-teens, and Power Module: Who Has it, Who Wants It, How to Use It

  2. Communicate for Results Module: Listening for Meaning, Speaking for Results, Getting on the Same Page

  3. Reframing Module: Finding the Right Attitudes and Mindset

  4. Forgiveness Module: Healing Wounds and Moving Forward

  5. Family Reconciliation Module: One-Day Retreat

Profit Package for a Leadership Coach

Audience: Mid-level women managers who aspire to senior management roles

  1. Your Leadership Vision and Values Module: Who You Are and What You Want to Be Known For

  2. Leadership Styles Module: What They Are and When to Use Them

  3. Leadership Leverage Module: Increase Your Strengths and Strengthen Your Weaknesses

  4. Leadership Smarts Module: People, Politics, and Power in the Workplace

  5. Leadership Mastermind Module: 1:1 and Small Group Private Mastermind

Profit Package for a Small Business Marketing Consultant

Audience: Entrepreneurs with health and fitness businesses

  1. Brand Building Module: Put the Nuts and Bolts of Branding in Place

  2. Brand for Your Audience Module: Create a Brand that Resonates with the Clients You Want

  3. Self-Promotion Module: Getting Known in All the  Right Places for All the Right Reasons

  4. Brand Integration and Cohesion Module: Creating Coherence, Credibility, and Trust with Clients

  5. Brand Expansion Module: Take Your Brand to the Next Level

How I Can Help You

You've probably heard lots of conflicting advice about what to do and how to do it when all you really need is a business strategist and consultant who can see your business from the 10,000-foot level and give you practical, personalized advice about how to make your business more profitable and easier to run. This is where I come in.


Once upon a time, I worked for a major financial institution and was responsible for developing entire packages of communications from multi-volume manuals to marketing materials to entire, multi-channel campaigns. 

After 10 years at the bank, I decided that it was time to start my own business. For the past 25 years, I have been a successful consultant, business strategist, workforce development trainer, and published author. 

Now, I am sharing my expertise to help other consultants and coaches like you increase profits, streamline marketing, and accelerate business growth by developing cohesive packages of services and products.

Let's Talk

  1. After I receive your email request, I will contact you to set up a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your needs. 

  2. If we decide to work together, I will send you a short Questionnaire to complete and we will discuss your answers in a one-hour consultation.

  3. I will then research your business, review what you currently have, and prepare your Profit Package for your review.

  4. After you review your Profit Package, we go over it in detail in another one-hour consultation where I address your questions, and we consider your action plan going forward.

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