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How-to Guides​

Is your “to do” list longer than your work week?


Are there too few hours in the day to get things done?


Are you balancing your personal and work time or is one being used at the expense of the other?


In this interactive, 40+ page workbook, you will learn how to manage priorities, be more productive, organize for peak efficiency, and take control of those things that derail you.​

Discover how to:

  • Plan actions to achieve results

  • Set priorities and focus on what is most important

  • ​Manage projects and assignments

  • Identify and remove obstacles to productivity

  • Save and invest time

In today’s workplace, the term “generation gap” has never been more apt and never more challenging for managers. With four generations in the workplace, the ages of your employees may range from 18 to 70 or more, with each generation differing significantly from the others in preferred styles and attitudes.

Pulling these disparate groups together is your responsibility—and challenge—if you want effective, productive, creative teams that meet organizational goals with a minimum of conflict and confusion. By understanding and respecting generational differences, you can take advantage of the richness offered through diversity.



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