How a Writing Coach Can Help You

I’m a writing coach, helping  entrepreneurs and career professionals improve their writing and leverage their content for greater visibility and opportunities. As an NLP practitioner I also help clients identify and eliminate or mitigate writing blocks and increase their writing confidence

Why you might want to work with a writing coach


Generally, you hire a writing coach to help you improve a skill or solve a unique problem in a specific area, such as blogging, content marketing, grammar and punctuation, structural issues, and other types of writing challenges you are facing.

A coaching program might be right for you if you are eager to grow as a writer, and you:

  • Need one-on-one, focused attention to improve your writing skills.

  • Wish to improve your writing skills to create articles and guest posts that expand your audience and influence.

  • Need to refine your written communication skills to advance your career.

  • Want to find your voice, communicate your unique value, and attract clients.

  • Are interested in creating content that you can repurpose into information products for passive income.

  • Are eager to showcase your expertise and express your ideas more clearly and with greater impact.

  • Desire honest feedback from a professional to level up your writing.

  • Want to tailor your writing for different markets and audiences.

  • Are open to constructive feedback and guidance and are committed to improving.

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Your Investment in Professional Writing Coaching 

When you start working with a coach, you set goals with them and work together to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to go. The focus is on future performance, improvement, and success.

Fee: $75 per hour

Let's Talk about Your Needs

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