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Selling to and Serving Multi-Generation Customers

In today’s workplace, the term “generation gap” has never been more apt and never more challenging for businesses. With four generations in the marketplace, the ages of your customers may range from 18 to 70 or more, with each generation differing significantly from the others in preferred styles and attitudes. In this dynamic presentation, you will discover:


  • How each generation prefers to do business

  • What motivates each generation to make buying decisions

  • How to communicate effectively with each generation


Patricia will share information and best practices from consultants and academic research across the United States to help you understand and use generational differences in sales.



Rave Reviews!


Speaking at the BlogHer2014 Conference--


"Enjoyed your presentation at Blogher. It was one of the few that I sat in on that I felt really had actionable ideas I could apply to my business." Chrystal Bougan, Curvy Girl


"Loved your talk today at BlogHer!" Jillian Tohber Leslie


"I attended the class at BlogHer 14 that you were on the [monetization] panel and to be honest, there wasn't anything new that I learned UNTIL you started to talk. Once it was your turn, I couldn't take notes fast enough! I was blown away by all that you had to share and have already started to apply it to my own blog." Camille Beckstrand,


"Love your presentation! Great ideas!" Financial Samurai


"Your presentation rocked my world!" Virgie Tovar


"I absolutely loved your information. Thank you !"
Gemma Touchstone


"Your talk was fantastic and right on." Barb Goldberg


"Your talk today felt like a buoy. Thank you, sincerely." Chef Hollie Green


Speaking at the Western Propane Conference--

"You spoke at a propane event in May, 2014 in Reno, NV. Your message about modern networking via LinkedIn resonated with me." Troy Prewitt, Ferrill Gas


Speaking at the County Recorders Association Conference--

“Thanks for the presentation at CRAC. I’ve actually had the benefit of hearing you twice.  Each time it gets better.” Zoon Nguyen, Deputy Assessor-Recorder, San Francisco County


Presenting at Stanford University--

"Patricia was direct and to the point, but very funny. No surprise there-a good communicator! The activities were engaging, fun." Stanford University

Become a Passive Income Builder

Knowledge is gold in today's marketplace, and by creating an information products gold mine, you can turn your knowledge into short-term profits and long-term income. In this interactive, dynamic program, Patricia will give you a proven success system to take any information product and create a line of products that:


  • Meet the needs of the marketplace

  • Serve your business goals

  • Generate profits now and into the future


Patricia will work with audience volunteers to demonstrate her innovative, unique system for creating an information products Gold Mine.


For more than 20 years, Patricia has consulted with businesses and entrepreneurs to create integrated, strategic, branded content, products, and services that drive profits.

Turn Your Blog into a Marketing Machine

Your blog is one of the most important, powerful marketing tools you have. It is the showcase of your business in cyberspace. Blogging, in fact, may be the first contact someone has with your business and it must create an impact.


Just as the window in a retail store is designed to attract customers inside, so much you blog entice visitors to your website.


Dynamic blog content engages readers, makes them want to get to know you, and encourages them to click over to your website where they can sample--and buy--your products and services.  


My own blog--The Successful Professional by Patricia Haddock,--has had more than 45,000 page visits and that number is growing. In this interactive presentation, audience members will discover how to turn their blogs into marketing machines that deliver results. 

Breakout Programs for Conferences and Events


Contact Patricia at 415-710-2734 to discuss how she can help your audience grow as professionals. 

Patricia Haddock offers a variety of training and speaking engagements to fit your budget, goals, and needs. From breakout sessions to half- and full-day workshops, Patricia will create the right program for your audience. 
About Patricia Haddock


Patricia Haddock is committed to helping people succeed as professionals. She focuses on practical, actionable information that people can immediately use for personal and professional growth.


With extensive experience and a multi-disciplinary approach to help her clients meet the challenges of today’s complex and competitive environment, Patricia has consulted with and spoken to organizations, government, and associations including Stanford University, UC Santa Cruz, Counties of Santa Clara and San Mateo, the IRS, among others. She also has served on the faculties of the National Judicial College and the American Management Association. 


The author of five business books, 600+ articles, and thousands of client communications, Patricia started her practice after a successful career as an executive with an international financial institution where she managed communication programs for more than 95,000 employees worldwide. 

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